• Keysmith Update Now Available!October 16, 2009
    A Keysmith update is now available. New in this version, you can save your passwords and pull them up again for later use.

    Check it out now!.
  • iPossessed Now Available!October 8, 2009
    iPossessed is now available on the iTunes App Store! iPossessed allows you to use your iPhone or iPod Touch to summon demons and scare your friends!

    Check it out now!.
  • Keysmith Now Available!October 3, 2009
    Keysmith is now available on the iTunes App Store! Keysmith is a new application that allows you to easily generate random passwords on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Check it out now!.
  • New Layout and UpdatesSeptember 22, 2009
    New website layout launched to accomodate the new iPhone apps in development. There is a new application under approval, titled Keysmith, designed to generates random passwords for convenience. There is also a usability update to Alarmomatic that fixes some oddities in the Configure menu.